Dundee Design Jams

Why should I attend the Dundee Sustainability Jam?

Why should I attend the Dundee Sustainability Jam?


If you are unfamiliar with design approaches or creative problem solving it might seem daunting to sign up to an event such as this.  However, our event is based on collaboration and the more diverse a range of participants we can attract to the event, the better the ideas we will be able to develop.  Everyone has something to contribute to the process and everyone, regardless of their familiarity with the creative idea generation tools that we use, will have something to learn from the experience of attending the Dundee Sustainability Jam.  Plus, the event is always a huge amount of fun and massively inspirational!

Who might be interested in attending?

Anyone is welcome to participate.

  • You may be an entrepreneur looking to develop your skills of opportunity recognition and development.
  • You may work in business and want to learn some new tools that will help you to better understand and respond to your customers’ needs.
  • You may work in either the public or third sector and want to learn new collaborative approaches to inspire real change in organisations and communities.
  • You may be a student and want to develop your creative skills and interdisciplinary teamwork.
  • You may be at a loose end and want to make some new friends.

As long as you can bring energy and enthusiasm to the event we are sure you will find the experience rewarding.

If you are unsure or unable to commit to a full weekend at the jam, we will also be releasing Insight tickets through our Eventbrite page that will enable you to drop in at key points and hear presentations on the creative process being used and the ideas that are emerging from the event.

If you have any further queries please send us an email at dundeeservicejam@gmail.com or get in touch via Twitter.