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Announcing Dundee Sustainability Jam 2013

Announcing Dundee Sustainability Jam 2013

dundee sustainability jam

We are proud to announce that in less than 4 weeks, Dundee will be hosting its first Global Sustainability Jam. Plus, you are invited to join us and to challenge yourself to designing with a difference!

Inspired by the the same ambitious and energetic spirit that led the Dundee Service Jam. This exciting event kicks off at 5.30pm on Friday 22nd November and over the course of the 48 hours that follow we will be connecting with dozens of cities worldwide that will be undertaking the same challenge, this time looking specifically at issues surrounding sustainability.

Dundee Jammers 2013

As the only sustainability jam taking place in Scotland, we hope the Dundee event will bring together a dynamic set of people from across Scotland to research issues, identify ideas and design creative solutions in a fast paced environment.

Weekends often provide a much needed break from the working week, so we advise you not to think of this as work. Instead envisage an action-packed design adventure. We will connect with a number of the global design jams during the weekend and by the end of the jam you will have the chance to present your design ideas to the world. Remember, the main aim of the weekend is to have fun in a creative way! 

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The hub venue for this event will be the Visual Research Centre at Dundee Contemporary Arts. However, we have also secured the resources of a number of break-out venues, including the workshop space at Skill Share Dundee, a 3D printing hack lab with resources from Dundee University and a number of highlighted spaces for research opportunities.

Everyone is welcome to join the Jam! 

The Dundee Sustainability Jam would like to welcome a diverse group of people (service designers, object designers, sustainability experts, professors, business people, teachers, hackers, makers, artists, illustrators, musicians, students, friends and family), to form teams with mixed skill sets and work together to create real-world ideas which can make a little difference… or perhaps a big difference.

Your familiarity with design is not important, as you will be guided through the process by our facilitators throughout the weekend. So whether you know the design process or simply want to dip your toes in and develop some creative skills that could help you with your work and play – we would love it if you could join us.


Weekend Programme

Jammers will get to connect with a number of the other global design jams, take part in design skills workshops and games, listen to short talks by inspiring speakers, meet some exciting new faces and design a project to present to the world. The full details of the weekend programme are still being refined. We will blog and post about updates on speakers and workshops that will feature in the weekend within the next few weeks.

Friday 22 November – 6pm to 9pm
Meet, greet and discover the secret theme that will inspire your work over the two day Jam. This will be a chance to find out more about the event, form teams, start generating ideas and have a drink on us!

Saturday 23 November – 9am to 9pm
After a social breakfast… the real work begins. You and your team will research, design and create the initial prototypes of your concept. You will be supported by our Jam Doctors and fellow Jammers around the world – accessible via social media and Skype. There will also be a few guest speakers presenting inspiring quick lectures to start off the day.

Sunday 24 November- 9am to 6pm
Sunday morning is normally a flurry of activity, where you put the finishing touches to your ideas, pull your prototypes together and get ready to present them at 3pm

How to Sign Up

We have created different types of ticket – so simply choose the one that you identify with most and book one on Eventbrite. Places are limited and on a first-come-first-serve basis. Register above now to ensure you don’t miss out!

*Tickets go on sale at 9am on Wednesday 30 October*

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