Dundee Design Jams

Can’t make a whole weekend?

Can’t make a whole weekend?

Want a taste of the amazing jam experience, but can’t come for the whole weekend? Well, you can with a Jam Lite ticket!

We appreciate that it’s a big ask to spend a whole weekend at a Jam. Childcare, family commitments or the need to just relax prevent many people from taking part as a full time jammer. But we want the Dundee Service Jam to be as inclusive as possible. If you’ve just an hour spare, or even half a day, then come along and be a real part of a unique global creative experience. You can join one of the teams, who will welcome you to contribute to their project, listen to the high energy informative talks that punctuate the weekend, or just have a cuppa and chat to the jammers. Take a look at the jam programme and decide when you want to visit.

Saturday afternoon is a great time to join in. It’s a busy time, and lots of scope for contributing to the creative ideas taking shape. We will have special guest mentors on hand, and one of our Jam Doctors will bring you up to speed and help you settle in. But any time is fine with us!

Everyone is welcome. Every single person has unique experiences and skills they can bring to the Jam. Whatever your age, occupation or interests – you are welcome to join us.

All we ask is two things from you. First let us know in advance when you’re coming – this is so we can welcome you at the main door and take you through to the Jam. You can do this by tweeting your name, day, time and ‪#‎jamlite‬ to @gsjdundee. Second, we ask that you make a small voluntary contribution based on what you think the experience is worth, from as little as 50p.

We want you to be part of Dundee’s contribution to the world: the Global Service Jam.