Service Jam Team 2017

Service Jam Team 2017

The Dundee Service Jam is being organised by a group of design professionals and students in the city. They have already secured generous sponsorship to help ensure that the event is a success.

Kirsty Arnott 

Kirsty Arnott is a final year interior and environmental designer. Having recently completed a successful co-design project as part of the Festival of Architecture, she is keen to immerse herself in to the organisation of her first Global Service Jam! With a keen interest in working with others, Kirsty is looking forward to further exploring service design thinking with the global Jam community. @kmadesign


Blair Boyle

Blair is a BDes(Hons) Interior & Environmental Design student at Duncan and Jordanstone College of Art and Design. Since August 2014 Blair has been involved in Time To Shine, Scotland’s first national youth arts strategy as an advisor for Creative Scotland and Scot Gov. He has further been involved with Creative Learning Network’s and was a member of the youth delegation at the Edinburgh International Culture Summit 2016. As of December 2016 he is also a Common Purpose Alumni after taking part in the Kuala Lumpur Exchange. @JustBlairB

Jenna Cook

Jenna is a fourth year Interior and Environmental Design student at DJCAD. She is interested in service design and transforming spaces. Through previous co-design work she has instigated workshops with secondary school children and tenants within The Circle (a new social enterprise in Dundee) allowing her to gain an understanding of service design methods. She enjoys meeting new people from all different backgrounds and is looking forward to her first Global Service Jam! @jcookdesigns


Tereza Chroñáková

Tereza is a second year Interior and Environmental Design student with interest in spatial design, architecture and people interaction. This is her first Jam and she hopes to improve her networking skills with other designers, meeting new people and learning more about service and social design.



Taylor Dewar

Taylor is a first year general foundation student who wanted to be further connected with her community and fellow students since moving to Dundee last year. She’s interested in collaboration and working within a different environment. Connect with Taylor on Instagram @taylor_dewar




Andrew Forbes

Andrew Forbes is an environmental designer who has worked on co-designing projects like the Test Unit in Glasgow and the Ninewells Hospital Empathic Design Challange. He enjoys a fun and energetic design processes. This has brought him to join in the Dundee Service Design Jam. @andrewforbesart


Nadine Franz

Nadine Franz is an international student in her 2nd year of Interior Environmental Design at Duncan of Jordanstone. She loves getting involved in all creative events, offered in Scotland’s only UNESCO city of Design. After volunteering for Dundee’s 1st Design Festival in 2016, she became aware of the importance to ‘think globally and act locally’. This idea is also strongly embodied in the Global Service Jam and offers another great opportunity to connect with the local community. @NaDD1ne


Mavis Frempong

Mavis is a final year interior and Environmental Design student. She is interested in making connections with people through collaboration and idea-sharing. She took part in the 2014 Global Sustainability Jam and is looking forward to this year’s Global Service Jam. Connect with Mavis on Twitter @Mavis_F



Claire Hartley

Claire is a third year illustration student who strongly believes in change by design. She has recently been involved in Dundee’s Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Symposium and Common Purpose Study Abroad Leaders, Malaysia. As part of the Jam team she hopes to further expand her global network. @clairohartley



Anna MacPherson

Anna is a second year Interior and Environmental Design student with an interest in spacial and set design. This is her first Jam where she hopes to improve her networking skills both with designers in Scotland and around the world. Her previous experience with the Ninewells Hospital Empathic Redesign Challenge introduced her to interdisciplinary collaboration which she is looking forward to as part of the Jam. @iedanne


Stephanie Marie

Stephanie is a second year jewellery student with an interest in psychology. This is her first Jam and from it she is hoping to network with other designers in Dundee and across the world and gain a greater understanding of service design and its role within public services. @6StephanieMarie




Linsey McIntoshLinsey
Through Linsey’s role as lecturer in Interior Environmental Design, time in industry, her undertaking of the Master of Design for Services programme at DJCAD, and experiences of working on the V&A Museum of Design, Dundee’s first community engagement project; she brings knowledge of creating human-centred experiences and spaces, driven by the use of co-design tools and methods to engage a wide range of people in the design process. @linseymcintosh


Melissa Mathieson

Melissa is a final year Interior and Environmental Design student. This is not her first experience with service design as she enjoys using these processes in her personal projects. This includes a group project conducted in conjunction with the Festival of Architecture,designing a den with and for local High School pupils. She is most looking forward to connecting with other like-minded people around the world! Keep up with her work on her twitter @mmathiesondesigns


Jennifer Meier

Jennifer Meier is a second year Interior and Environmental Design student at Duncan of Jordanstone interested in digital tools and sustainability. She is here to discover and share creative work, develop an awareness of the design industry and connect to other creatives. It’s her first time to get involved in a design jam. @jennifer_ied



Mike Press

Mike is Director of the Open Change service design company and an educator, researcher and writer in design. Passionate believer in collaborative cross-disciplinary working. Loves jams because they’re non-hierarchical, fun and an opportunity to work and think differently. @mikepress



Kim Tiong

Kim Tiong is a 3rd year Jewellery and Metal design student having participated in Ted X, Design Sprints and the design festival she strives to one day be able to help people through the work she does. Currently she is working on jewellery which incorporates wearable technology for he purposes of helping thosewho are mentally ill in the hopes that this will help them get through that rough period in their life. By doing the service Jam she hopes she can help people and understand more about how to approach and tackle these social problems. @Kteojewellery


Rachel Wright

Rachel Wright is a final year interior environmental designer. Rachel has gained networking experience in projects like GIDE, group of international design education and has gained the awards Armistead Bursary Prize and Guardbridge Paper Co Prize. Rachel is very interested in international networking and service design thinking. These interests are explored through her design processes. The Global Service Jam embodies everything Rachel is enthusiastic about! @RachelWrightIED


Thomas Thomson